America - and an Ancient Calendar

As in the Days of Noah

In Genesis we read about the flood and how 8 people were saved from the wrath of Adonai which was poured out upon a corrupted earth.

We are told in the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) that the 2nd coming of Yeshua will be like the days of Noah. Genesis gives us some clues as to what the days were like before the flood came. While I would love to discuss those clues, and especially the Nephilim, I have chosen to go a different route in this article. I would instead like to discuss the calendar for the 1 year and 17 days that Noah and his family stayed on the ark and what it could have to do with the current crisis in America and the world.

I want to make it clear that I am not claiming to be a prophet by any means. I am not making any statements that Adonai has shown me the future, I am simply going to show a pattern that I discovered in the Word and taught to my Bible study group quite a number of years ago. Yes, I do believe that Adonai revealed this pattern to me and I do believe that it has to do with the last days and the return of Yeshua. I also believe that these patterns may have already been repeated several times in history but that at some point in the future they will be repeated for the last time. I also believe that the current situation in America (which is and will affect the whole world) may be playing out according to this pattern. OK, so much for my disclaimers, and on with the discussion.

Just prior to the exodus out of Egypt, HaShem told Moses to look up into the sky. He showed him the crescent of the new moon which was in the spring at the ripening of the barley and told him that this would be the beginning of months for him. This was a new calendar and not what Moses would have been accustomed to following for the beginning of years. The calendar that he currently followed would have had the beginning of months, or new year, starting in the fall of the year. This is important to understand when we discuss Noah and the flood. The first month for Moses was now to begin in the spring (around our March/April) but the first month during the time of Noach began in the fall (around our September/October).

In Genesis 7:11- 12 it reads:

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were broken up. And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.

The second month, during Noah's time, would have been the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, or Marcheshvan. This month is the beginning of the rainy season in Israel. If rains have not begun in Israel at least by this date of Cheshvan then they begin to worry. They are called the former rains.

So, the earth bursts open and the waters of the deep burst forth, and the rain starts to fall down from the sky at the same time. Wow – explosion of the earth's crust that would have busted the earth apart causing our continents. Noah and his family would have been floating in safety but I am sure it was probably not a peaceful boat ride on calm waters on a clear sunny day. I would bet they felt some motion. Either way, the wrath of the Almighty started.

America – on November 3 it seemed as though Trump would be president by a landslide. However, something happened during the night. By morning we discovered that somehow Biden had suddenly lurched ahead while most of us slept. Do you want to know what day November 3 was on the Hebrew calendar? Cheshvan 17th. The same day the flood started. Coincidence or a pattern that we should watch? I believe we are in for a very stormy ride for at least a year.

Now, let me say here again that I am not a prophet. I am showing a pattern that is here and it could bring about some things for the world in the months to come. I also believe that this same type of pattern will happen in world events before the coming of Messiah.

In scripture Adonai always honored righteous kings of Israel. Why? Because they tore down idolatrous altars to false gods, they stopped the practice of sacrificing their children to Molech, and they tried to stand by the Torah of HaShem. Were any of the kings perfect? Absolutely not! Did Adonai bring judgment upon the nation of Israel when they had a righteous king on the throne? NO! Did He bring about judgment upon the nation when they had a wicked king on the throne? Yes! Why? Because the wicked kings set up, or allowed the people to set up, altars to false gods, and they allowed the sacrificing of children to Molech, and they allowed and practiced all sorts of other abominations in the land.

Is Trump perfect? Absolutely NOT! Do I like his outspoken, boisterous, loud mouth personality? NO! But here is some of the things that Trump did do:

… He called things for what they were regardless of who it offended.

… He stood with Israel (I think scripture says something about that) and even did what many

presidents had promised but never did – he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.

… He called the gender dysphoria nonsense and did away with the transgender bathrooms

which put our little girls in danger.

… He did away with the gender dysphoria in women's sports and said it had to be biological

females competing with each other.

… And most importantly, he stood for the unborn. He was the most pro-life president in

modern times. In essence, he stood for stopping the sacrificing of our children.

I could list many more but will not.

In the beginning the Creator set in order some “laws of order” and

He called them all good. He set in order – male and female, marriage, and the sanctity of life in bringing forth all life forms after their kind. The fruit of the womb was a “gift from God”.

Now, look at what the other candidate that is the current President stands for: it is just the opposite. He calls good, evil and evil, good.

The vast majority of American people did not elect this. It was forced upon us. I believe Adonai will make justice reign. He has not lost control, nor is He worried about what is to come. I believe that all injustice, fraud, corruption, lies and perversions will be brought down. I believe the Creator will ultimately honor a man who stands by His created order and not a man who does not, but many things will have to be revealed and brought to justice.

Back to the calendar. In Genesis 8:4 we read:

Then the ark rested in the seventh month, the seventeenth day of the month, on the

mountains of Ararat. And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month.

In Noach's day the 7th month would have been the month of Nisan, or for Moses, the first month in the spring. This day was a day of new beginnings. All the filth had been washed away and the ark rested quietly on the mountain, but they still had to continue living in the ark for another 6 months. The seventeenth day of Nisan would have been the day that Yeshua arose from the dead and an Appointed Time of HaShem, the Appointed Time of Firstfruits. Coincidence? NO! Another new beginning and redemption. All that believed in Him would have their sins washed away. This was the week of Passover. It was also the date that Haman was hung on the gallows in the story of Esther. The people of Esther were saved from destruction.

If I am right then we should look for something to break by the week of Passover 2021. Between now and then it could be very rough. Many things could happen but many ungodly laws will surely be passed.

Now for the last date. In Genesis 8:13 we read:

And it came to pass in the six hundred and first year (of Noah's life), in the first month, the first day of the month, that the waters were dried up from the earth; and Noah removed the covering of the ark and looked, and indeed the surface of the ground was dry.

In Noah's day the first day of the first month would be equivalent to Tishri 1. This day is Yom Teruah, Day of Trumpets, a High Holy Day of HaShem. Coincidence? Nope! Remember, Noah is still living on the ark because the ground is still drying up. They still have 1 month and 27 days to live on the ark. So, things are getting better but not over yet. We could maybe expect things to still happen all the way up until November 2, 2021 which is equivalent to Cheshvan 27 (Genesis 8:14) when Noah and his family were finally allowed to come off the ark.

I believe this is going to be a stormy year for America and the world while Adonai reveals and judges. He does things on His time schedule and not ours. We are impatient but He is not! This is a time for refining and purging. I believe a great revival will follow with a revealing of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua and who He really is and what He expects from His children.

I believe that we should watch closely this year, especially during the Appointed Times of Adonai. First one up – Passover/Unleavened Bread.

I do not usually post articles where I try to make any kind of predictions and I never post political articles. However, this was really weighing heavy on my heart and mind so I wanted to share it. Again, I am not claiming to be a prophet. We will see. If none of this holds truth then I will still say that I believe there is a pattern here that will play out before the coming of Yeshua. Jewish tradition states that the year just prior to Messiah's coming will be the worst the world has ever seen. I am not saying that He is coming this year, but I am saying that a pattern similar may be unfolding.





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