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The Man on the White Horse- The First Seal

Updated: Aug 9

I try really hard not to blog about political issues, post my dreams (which I have had since I was 12 years old), or try to make predictions, call out people by name, or blog about current issues which are in the news. When I started this website my instructions were pretty simple: “just teach my Word”. This is what I have tried to do. I could probably have become an overnight sensation if I had done some of the above things and perhaps made a name for myself, but that is not my goal. My goal remains to just teach the Word of God from a Hebraic perspective.

Now, with that being said, in this article I will be doing some of the things I just said that I do not like to do. The reason: people are being deceived and I feel impressed to issue a warning.

In the book of Revelation, chapter 6, we read about the first seal being broken and contained within the seal is a man riding on a white horse. He is portrayed as a conqueror. He is a conqueror of the world. For much of my life I believed the rider on this horse to be Jesus. After all, He is the one that is suppose to ride the white stallion. To be honest, for much of my life I wouldn't even try to study the book of Revelation because it made no sense to me whatsoever. It was only after connecting it to the TaNaKh (Older Testament) and its Hebrew origins that I began to see revelation within the book. I have heard so many teachings on this book throughout my life and some made sense and some didn't but I have to say that I didn't believe most of them. Their grasp of the book wasn't much deeper than mine and most minsters and “prophetic” people just repeated the same old worn out interpretations.

It is very important that we be able to identify who the rider on this white horse is, or what he represents, because without doing so we will fail to correctly identify and be able to understand his mission and what he will cause to come. Let me start by saying that the rider on this horse is not Yeshua. First let's get the info into context. In chapter 5 we read about there being a scroll that no one could open. Finally, Yeshua is able to take and open the scroll. What is this scroll? This scroll is the deed to the earth. Only the rightful owner can open the sealed deed to the earth. He purchased the right to the deed with His suffering. So Yeshua opens the seal that releases the man riding on the white horse who's mission is to conquer, or be VICTORIOUS, over the earth.

This rider is interesting because he is conquering with only a bow. Notice that no mention is made of an arrow. What good is a bow without an arrow? He is also given a crown. We can learn several things by digging deeper into the Greek words here. The word used for crown is the Greek word stephanos. This is a wreath or garland crown, a prize crown. In the most ancient custom these garland wreaths were made of olive branches. Ancient pictographs from the time period can be seen with these olive branch wreaths adorning the head. These type of crowns were given to the winner of public games in ancient Greek and Roman times. It denoted a symbol of honor. A stephanos is a crown given. While there are scriptures where Yeshua is said to be wearing a stephanos, there is one big difference in Revelation 19:11, 12 where Yeshua is said to be wearing a diadem. A diadem is a royal ornament worn by kings or queens. It is not given as a prize.

As a side note, in Spanish the word for crown is “corona” (as in coronavirus). In addition, the logo for both the UN and WHO is a round circle (with the earth in the middle) encased with a garland (wreath) of olive branches. The WHO logo also includes a serpent on a pole within it which denotes the ancient Greek god Asclepius. (See link attached below on Two Ancient Pools).

If we look closer into the Greek we will find a better understanding of the bow that this rider is using. In the Greek the word for bow is toxon. This is the only verse in the Bible where this word is used so it doesn't offer us much help. To understand its meaning one has to really dig deep into the ancient Greek usage of the word, not just consult Strong's Lexicon.

In Strong's we are told that the word toxon means “simplest fabric” and it comes from the word tikto which means to “produce, bear, be born, be in travail”. Thayer's lexicon says about the same denoting bringing forth seed, to bear.

In English we get the word toxic from toxon which means of course a poisonous substance. That says a lot.

In a effort not to prolong this article forever I will try and cut to the chase. Anciently, this bow referred to the arrow. The arrow was dipped in poison and then of course, the bow, being bent and the arrow flung into the air struck its victim and the poison killed them. What is being brought forth or birthed is the evil plans of evil and corrupt human beings. What is being birthed in the people of God is righteousness and the preparation for the coming of their King Messiah. In Revelation we see the battle of good and evil trying to bring forth their children in victory.

This conqueror is perhaps, as all conquerors of ancient times, draped metaphorically with a garment, hence simple fabric flowing in the wind while he is atop the white stallion with a crown of garland on his head. He is a deceiver. Yeshua warns us not to be deceived. He is shooting arrows full of poison on his victims. This is interesting since in Revelation 9:21 we read:

And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts. (NKJV)

The word sorceries in this verse is pharmakeia from where we get our English word pharmacy. So, they are deceived by murders, pharmacy (drugs-whether willful or otherwise), theft and porneia (which commentaries define as illicit sexual intercourse; adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, sex with close relatives, etc). This last one is where we get the word pornography. If we use the Septuagint we will find that in Genesis 9:13 the word for bow (as in rainbow) is the same word toxon. The rainbow is bent across the sky like a bow (which is used for shooting arrows). Now, this new modern "usage of the rainbow" should bring to the mind many things that the rider on the horse is doing all while using the rainbow as his symbol.

This conqueror on the white horse has a purpose. It is to conquer the world by his unconventional weapons of war. First, poison arrows. What does he use next given to us in verse 4? Chaos as peace is taken from the earth, then follows the sword. The sword here denotes variance, strife, contentions, striving or battling against one another. In verse 5 we find that he continues his conquering by bringing forth control of the money supply which in turn brings forth verse 8: famine and hunger from the control of the food supplies. Then comes death.

We are further told that one third of the earth's vegetation will be destroyed, one third of the water will be ruined, one third of the sun will not shine and one third of the humans living on the earth will die (Chapters 8 and 9).

We have assumed that God is doing this destruction. But just what if evil human beings are doing this to bring about their agenda for the earth. A goal of depopulation and control. This would certainly help us to understand the conquering of the world by the rider on the white horse.

If you have been paying attention at all these last many years then surely you have heard of the Great Reset? If not, you are behind! Go and google it now.

Bill Gates has stated (and I am not saying he is the rider on the white horse) that he wants to depopulate the earth. He also is responsible (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) for manufacturing vaccines which have injected millions of doses of poison into people around the world. He, along with others, have manufactured this nasty covid vaccine which is really a gene therapy to attach a protein trojan horse to our DNA and alter it. It is dangerous and has already maimed or killed many of those receiving it. Gates also has plans to put material up into the earth's atmosphere to block sun rays. This will in turn kill vegetation on the earth. It will interfere with photosynthesis that earth's plants need and damage the ecosystem. Many animals and humans will die from starvation. He, and others like Soros, are involved in Monsanto which is genetically modifying our food sources and Gates is currently pushing for lab grown meats. If you have been paying attention you will also discover that Gates is buying up farmland all around the world. Why? One should ask these questions!

Things are being manipulated and controlled by forces that we cannot see. The rider on the white horse has definitely been released. The earth and those who dwell on it need to wake up! Stop being so trusting! These evil people do not have your best interests at heart. They are coming to steal, kill and destroy. Pray for wisdom! Pray for discernment! Do not take their pharmakeia (drugs, vaccines). Try not to eat their GMO food. Do not eat lab grown meat. Know what you are eating and injecting into your body or the bodies of your children. Get yourself some non-hybrid, non-gmo seeds, store up some food and clean water. Have a way to clean your water. Prepare and pray! Yes, I know you may say that God will protect His children. True enough! But He does not expect you to be ignorant either! He told Noah to prepare for the flood that was coming. He told Joseph to prepare for the 7 years of famine that was coming.

Prepare and pray for God to give you ears to hear and eyes to see His unfolding plans at work. Prepare and pray!

Anyone doing a little research will see that what I said above is truth. I will post a couple things here to get you started.

(consider his words closely) (study carefully now- what seems to be good isn't always)


(P.S. since posting this article in 2021 I have been informed that some, if not all, of the websites listed above have been taken down. Why do I not find that shocking? 8/9/2023)




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