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You may be asking, what is a Torah Portion? For thousands of years, the Jewish people have divided up the first 5 books of the Bible into portions that are to be read each week. Since the destruction of the second temple and the scattering of the Jewish people around the world, these portions are read and studied, around the world, each week in unison. By following these portions, a person will have read and studied in depth the first five books of the Bible in one year. At the end of the year you start over again. As year after year goes by in-depth understanding of these scriptures could not help but happen. There are thousands of Torah Portion commentary's available on the internet, each different in that person's own light from the Word. Below I have compiled some of my commentary.  Although you may not understand the Hebrew words listed, if time is taken to read each portion, it is my desire that you will glean some gold from His Word. If you don't read them for any other reason  read them as a devotional. Like my Hebrew word treasures page, they are usually not too long and great for a short learning devotional. They are in PDF format.

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