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Defeating the Sun God of Egypt

Updated: Apr 2

Most Christians have probably been taught, at some point, that when YHWH brought about His execution of the 10 plagues on Egypt that each one of the pantheon of gods (or groups of gods) that Egypt worshiped were overthrown and shown to be defeated by the God of the Children of Israel. All the details of the overthrowing of these gods can sometimes be lost in translation. One classic example is the 8th plague: the plague of locusts:

Exodus 10:14 - 15 “And the locusts went up over all the land of Egypt, and rested in all the coasts of Egypt: very grievous were they; before them there were no such locusts as they, neither after them shall be such. For they covered the FACE of the whole earth, so that the land was darkened; and they did eat every herb of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which the hail had left: and there remained not any green thing in the trees, or in the herbs of the field, through all the land of Egypt.”

In the English translation it states that the locusts covered the whole “face” of the earth (of Egypt). However, this is not what the Hebrew says. The Hebrew says that the locusts covered the “eye” (Hebrew “ayin”) of the whole land, so that the land of Egypt was darkened. The phrase “covered the eye of the whole earth” did not seem to make sense to the English translators so they put “face” instead. The ancient Hebrews and Egyptians, however, would have understood what was meant by the “eye of the whole earth”. There were so many locusts flying in a swarm that they blackened out the sun.

The highest ranking deity in Egypt was Amun-Ra, the sun god. He was responsible for the welfare of the people. The sun was said to be the “eye” of Amun-Ra. This is how the sun god watched over the people and the land of Egypt. Amun-Ra, as the chiefest of gods, was even given the position of “creator deity”. His position as the chiefest of all of the gods developed to the point that a monotheism almost took place so that other “gods” could become manifestations of him.

Amun-Ra eventually came to be worshipped outside of the land of Egypt. In Greek he was known as Zeus. Then of course in Roman antiquity Zeus was called Jupiter.

When you look at ancient Egyptian architecture you will most certainly notice the “great eye” of Amun -Ra in their many paintings and statues. It is believed that it was his “eye” that illuminated the entire land and brought life. (Kind of interesting that on American paper dollar we have one of these “all seeing eyes” engraved on the back – hum!)

Even Pharoah himself was believed to be the son of Ra.

When the locusts covered the “eye” of the land and brought darkness, the God of the Children of Israel showed Himself superior to the highest of the gods of Egypt. By completely darkening the sun from the land, YHWH showed who was more powerful. The “all-seeing” eye of Ra had been put out and he was powerless to do anything about it. With his eye darkened he could no longer watch over the people or the land of Egypt, and the locusts ate up all the vegetation/crops that the Egyptians needed for survival; something they would have attributed as being given to them by Ra.

Now to us this may seem silly because we do not believe in other gods and we certainly know that no other gods exist, but the Egyptians did, as well as all of the ancient world. YHWH had stated that He would bring judgment upon the gods of Egypt and show to all that He was the MOST HIGH GOD and no other god was stronger than Himself.

With his “eye” darkened Amun-Ra couldn't see the afflictions of his people, but YHWH saw the afflictions of his people and HE was bringing them OUT from their bondage by a strong and powerful hand.

YHWH isn't finished defeating Amun-Ra. If the 8th plague wasn't enough to show Himself more powerful than their sun god then the 9th plague would certainly make it plain. The 9th plague brought darkness so thick upon the land that the Bible records that the darkness could be “felt”. If you have ever been deep down inside a cave and someone turns the lights out then you have experienced a darkness so thick that you can feel the darkness. You cannot sense your own hand in front of your face. The darkness feels as though it is touching you. To say that you would be “groping” in the darkness does not even do it justice. No wonder it states that the Egyptians did not arise from their places for the three days that this plague lasted. Wow! This surely put Amun-Ra to SHAME!!

Our God is an awesome and powerful God, besides Him there is no other. Just as He defeated, in shame, the gods of Egypt He will also defeat all the powers that be in these last days. No enemy will be able to stand against Him. The names may have changed but the outcome is still the same. Satan is still the one behind all of those false gods and today he is still the god behind all the little gods of mankind.

Today we don't normally call out the names of a pantheon of gods but think about it: we serve a god of “self-gratification”. Consider: iphones, ipads, selfies, the apple corporation and what is it's symbol? An apple with a bite taken out of it! Ever heard of the Garden of Eden and the piece of fruit they took a bite out of when they weren't supposed too? Wonder why Apple chose this as their emblem? Could it be because at the core of most humans is the need to rebel and choose to gratify themselves over serving God the way He desires? Is Apple's intent to send humanity a sublingual message: it's all about me, myself, and I ? Then of course there is the “its my body” and “its my choice” and the “me” movement.

One day, it will all be destroyed by the Great and Mighty God!

Stay strong in the LORD! Be a mighty warrior! Leisa



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