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Hope - Like A Rope

The Hebrew word for hope is "tikvah". Strong's concordance and BDB concordance states that this word means "expectancy, thing longed for" and, are you ready - "rope", "literally a cord".

Literally, in Hebrew the word hope means a cord or a rope. In the Bible the first reference to this word can be found in the book of Joshua, only it is not translated as "hope" but "line" or "cord" or "rope". Let's read:

Joshua 2:21 And she said, "Let it be according to your words." And she sent them away, and they went. And she bound the scarlet cord (tikvah) in the window.

This is the story of Rahab when she saved the spies of Israel. Because of her kindness she was assured that her and her household would be spared when the Israelites took possession of the city. The sign that they were to recognize was the scarlet "rope" that was hanging from her window when they came to the city.

How awesome of a picture this presents to me! The cord hanging from her window was a sign of her "hope". The hope that she and her household would be saved. This was her great "expectancy". She didn't see this salvation happen immediately. She had to wait until the return of the Israeli soldiers and then she clung to the "hope" that they would indeed see her "hope" hanging from the window and spare her household.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "tie a knot and hold on?" Well, that holding on is your hope. No matter how strong the storm rages, no matter if the odds all seem to be stacked against you, no matter what the circumstances, we must hold on to that cord of hope.

Our cord of hope is in Our Creator and His Messiah. We must have complete trust that He will keep His Word and promises at all times. Sometimes, He may not move the mountain but He will cut you a path through it. Sometimes He may not calm the storm that is raging, but He will calm you in the midst of the storm and that is what matters. He will always make a way where there seems to be no way.

The Hebrew language is such a beautiful pictograph language. So full of imagery that really speaks to the heart.

Grab hold of your rope (tikvah - hope) and hold on for dear life. It may seem like a tug of war sometimes, but just hold on.

Special thanks to the "Israel Teaching Letter", January 2020, Rebecca Brimmer, Bridges for Peace; for giving me the insight into this Hebrew word "tikvah".




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