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I Shall Not Leave You Orphans

I shall not leave you orphans - I am coming to you. John 14:18

What an awesome promise! We can be assured that He will return, but in the meantime, He has promised to never leave nor forsake us and to give us His shalom. This is done through the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Where there are orphans (fatherless) there is also a widow (In Biblical terms).

Most people don’t understand that Judah (house of Judah) was made a widow. Her people came back from the Babylonian captivity and were the ones inhabiting the land during the second temple period. The house of Israel had been divorced for their harlotry. Except for a very small remnant the house of Israel (the northern kingdom) never came back to the land but remain scattered throughout the earth.

Here is the thing: Yahweh could never take the house of Israel back as His bride because she has been with another man (harlotry - Deut. 24:1-4), and YHWH would NEVER violate His Torah.

The way to fix this is by death. The death of the husband nullifies the marriage contract so that the woman is now free to marry again. The apostle Paul mentions this in his writings

(I Cor. 7:39).

So, when Yeshua died on the cross (the husband- YHWH in the flesh) it made the house of Judah a widow (He never divorced the House of Judah only the house of Israel) and because the husband died the woman (both houses) is now free to marry another man.

Yeshua died but rose again, so now when He returns He (the groom) will now be able to marry His bride Israel again. This will be when He reunites both houses of Israel and the two sticks of Israel become one in His hand (Eze. 37). It is also when the dry bones Ezekiel prophesied about will happen to the house of Israel.

He can now legally marry the house of Israel who was divorced and he can marry Judah who was made a widow when Yeshua died on the cross.

Scripture speaks of Judah boasting that she will not be made a widow although most do not grasp the true meaning of these scriptures and I will not open that in-depth discussion today, but please read Rev. 18:7. To whom did Yeshua prophesy that “not one stone will remain upon another” but to the city of Jerusalem. The book of Revelation is about the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem. While it has implications for the future, the immediate fulfillment happened in 70AD.

Please read Lamentations 1:1 and Isaiah 47:8.

I would love to teach all these things in depth to those with interest but there are so many teachers out there that I am just one among many. Just another voice crying out. Some of these things are hard to grasp.

The bride is Israel. There has never been another bride, and never will be. So, where does this leave you and me who are not Israelites? We are grafted in just like the Apostle Paul said, grafted in to the natural olive tree but it goes much deeper than that. The language of the New Testament points us right back to the TeNaKh (Old Testament) and a people group who were “cut off”, “scattered” called the “ones who are far off”, “not my people”, “no mercy” etc (read Hosea). They forgot who they were. They forgot His Sabbaths and all things Israel. Truly the vast majority of Christians suffer from an “identity crisis”. While they are waiting for “the rapture” to whisk them away to the “heavenly abode of God” they have failed to be taught the truth that this is never going to happen. The kingdom of God will be here on this earth and Yeshua will rule and reign from here and any “snatching away” will only be to “gather” His children, His family, Israel, from the four corners of the earth where they were scattered and to bring them to the promised land of Israel, just like He promised Abraham. This is where we will live in the new heaven and earth.

Also, “the left behind” scenario is a joke and non-scriptural. We want to be left behind we do not want to be taken. Those taken represent the ones “taken in the wrath of God”. Please see my teaching on this:

There are so many things that I want to teach. Sometimes I miss having a weekly Bible study. It is so difficult trying to find the time to put all thoughts on paper or even in a Youtube teaching which is awkward speaking only to a camera. I miss getting to teach in a face to face atmosphere to those eager to listen.

My King is returning to marry His bride who has made herself ready by keeping His teachings and instructions.

Shalom, and if you made it to this point leave me a comment, please. My love to you!




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