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The Plague of Darkness - 9th Plague

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

In Exodus 10:21-29 we read about the plague of darkness. In scripture darkness represents wickedness, evil, or spiritual darkness. Spiritual darkness represents eyes that cannot discern the things of God. The things of God refer to having the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, to apply the teachings and instructions of the holy word of God to the way you live your life. This wisdom cannot be taught in a academic setting but must come from the Creator. It is spiritually discerned.

Scripture records that this darkness was not a natural darkness caused by an eclipse or other natural disaster. This was a spiritual darkness. A darkness so deep that "it could be felt".

Have you ever been in a dark so deep that you could feel the darkness? I have. In caves. I have been on tours inside caves where they turn out the lights and it is so dark that it envelopes you. It is like the darkness is touching you. There would be no way to survive in such permanent darkness. A person would grope until they found themselves exhausted and death would surely come. This is the type of darkness that the land of Egypt found themselves in. A darkness so great that even artificial lights could not penetrate it. They had to stay in their houses for three days. However, the Israelites had light in their dwellings.

With this plague Yah demonstrated His power over the Egyptian sun god Ra. The Egyptian magicians were not able to do anything about it. Yah proved Himself to the Egyptians and to His people in Goshen.

This darkness symbolized the spiritual darkness of the Egyptians and the supernatural light of revelation that was being poured out on the children of Israel in Goshen. They were part of the kingdom of light while Egypt was the kingdom of darkness.

I remember a story told to me as a child. Although I cannot remember every detail I can remember the moral of the story which was the whole point. It went something like this:

Once upon a time there was a very wealthy man. He had all the finest things in life that money could buy. He lived in luxury. Across town was a poor man named Moses. He barely made it from day to day surviving the best way that he could. One day a preacher proclaimed that God had told him that on that very night the wealthiest man in the town was going to die so he needed to get his house in order for death would surely come knocking. The rich man just knew that he was the one being spoken about. He hurried to tell everyone goodbye and to make sure everything was set in order for his departure, and then he waited. All through the night and into the next morning he waited. When daylight came he found himself still alive. He washed himself and went out to go about his normal activities realizing that it had all been a hoax. He had no sooner reached the marketplace when the news came that Moses had died during the night.

You see, Moses was the wealthiest person in town. Although he was the poorest in the town when it came to possessions on this earth, he was rich in God's eyes because he had spiritual wealth, the light of revelation had been poured out upon him by a supernatural Creator. He was part of the kingdom of light. He did not find himself groping in spiritual darkness looking for the things of this world to fill a void in his life. The light of God filled his life.

This world is in spiritual darkness. A darkness so deep that they cannot discern good from evil, and are in denial that a problem exists. There is no limits to the depravity of the human mind that does not know God. There are no limits to the depths of sin that they will go, all the while declaring that they are the ones who are in the right.

I find it amazing that as I write this article, when the 9th plague is in the Torah portion for the week, that America has truly plummeted into chaos and darkness, all the while claiming to be "woke". Our only hope and help is God. Not Trump. Only God.

Please shine upon America again and bring your revelation to her eyes. Let her repent and turn from her wicked ways. Let justice reign and all evil and injustice be revealed. Bring to light all the shameful things done in the darkness. Create within your remnant clean hands and a pure heart. Let our light, the light of Your Holy Spirit, shine from within us during these dark times, and may we arise from the ashes to rebuild a nation of light. In the Name of Yeshua we pray! Amen and Ahmein!






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