The Mixed Multitude - Beha’alotcha

Numbers Numbers 8:1 – 12:16

The Hebrew word “beha'alotcha” means “when you step up”.

This portion can be divided as follows:

Instructions for the Menorah

Dedication of the Levites

The insitution of the first Passover in the Wilderness

The Presense with them (Cloud and the Fire)

Instructions for the two silver trumpets

Departure from Mt. Sinai

The People Complain to Moses for meat

The Seventy Elders chosen (the First Sanhedrin according to Jews)

Yahweh sends Quail in the camp

Miriam complains to Aaron against Moses

As always, there is a lot of good material here. So, which section do I speak about?

The People complain for meat so Yahweh sends quail in the camp. What lesson can we learn from this?

First we read about their complaints. Read 11:1-6.

Notice here a couple of things:

First, they complain and Yahweh sends a fire amongst them and it burns

up some of them. Moses prays for YHVH to stop; so He stops the fire. The name of the place is called in Hebrew “burning'.

Second, verse 11:4 says “now the mixed multitude

(promiscuous assemblage) who were among them”, notice it separates them from the children of Israel.

In Exodus 12:38 we read that a mixed multitude came out of Egypt.

The mixed multitude -“yielded to intense craving” -In Hebrew the word meaning “a strong desire (lusting) for something pleasant” (but perhaps sinful).

The children of Israel wept and said “who will give us meat to eat” (vs 4) – this is interesting as God had provided, why would they ask this? They looked for another, someone else, to provide for

them because they apparently were not satisfied with what YHVH had provided for them. They were so distraught that they “wept”.

They had “nothing except this manna” (vs 6) – ungrateful of what the hand of God had provided for them. That's why He stated that in verse 20 “that they despised YHVH who is among you”.

Verse 6- “Our whole being is dried up” - in Hebrew withered.

Read 11:18-20 and 31-35 about the quail that was sent. Therefore God will give you meat – This was not a blessing in giving, but a giving of a chastisement for their greed in intense lustful craving for what they didn't have.

“Until it comes out your nostrils” – so much meat that it would make them sick.

How many quails did Yah send? A day’s journey all around the camp and “two cubits” above ground. A months

worth, and Jews say without the daily provision of manna.

An omer which = .9154 gallons, so the least a person gathered would be equivalent to appx. 10 gallons.

Quail make a migration over the Sinai wilderness every year; it has been recorded that Arabs catch between one and two million quails during their autumn migrations: using nets. (David Guzik)

However, here it is spring because they are keeping Passover. So, God really performed a miracle by providing them in the spring.

Take note of this one very important but often overlooked point: