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Aaronic Blessing - Torah Portion Nasso

Numbers 4:1 – 7:89

The word “nasso” means “take up” or “lift up” in Hebrew from the 2nd scripture in this portion (take a

census). The scriptures can be divided as follows:

Duties of the Sons of Kohath

Duties of the Sons of Gershon

Duties of the Sons of Merari

Census of the Levites

Ceremonially Unclean Persons Isolated

Confession and Restitution

Concerning Unfaithful Wives

The Law of the Nazirite

Offerings of the Leaders

Levi had three sons: Kohath, Gershon and Merari. They were numbered from thirty years old and above, up to 50 years old; for their service to the LORD.

There respective duties (briefly listed) within the Tabernacle/Temple were designated by Elohim as following:

Kohath – These were the sons of Aaron. They were in charge of the Holy things set apart by Yah for tabernacle service. They were given the care and transportation of the items in the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. Eleazar the son of Aaron had the responsibility of the oil for the Menorah, the sweet incense, the daily grain offering, the anointing oil, the oversight of all the

Tabernacle, of all that was contained within it, the sanctuary and its furnishings. No one else was to touch these holy things unless they die.

Gershon – They were to carry the curtains of the tabernacle and the screen for the door, all the hangings of the court and their cords. Aaron and his sons appointed to them their tasks.

Merari – They were to carry the boards of the tabernacle, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets, the pillars around the court with its accessories and furnishings. They were to be under the authority of the son of Aaron.

This was serious business to YHVH and not to be taken lightly. YHVH instructs them in 4:18-19 that they were to regard this business of taking their responsibilities seriously, lest they die.

In chapter 6:22-27 we read about the Aaronic blessing. Aaron and his sons were to bless the people with this blessing so that His Name would be upon them.

“The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. And they shall put my name

upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them.” (KJV)

This is a powerful prayer! I believe it to be even more powerful when spoken in the Hebrew language because one gets the benefit of the meaning of the Hebrew words; which when translated into another language often loses its powerful in-depth meaning.

The prayer can be broken down as follows:

YHVH bless and keep you” - through Messiah, who came from Abraham, the blessing of YHVH is bestowed upon both Jew and Gentile. We may all experience this super-natural blessing of YHVH upon our lives.

“YHVH make His face shine on You, and be gracious to you” - this shining of the LORD's face represents His undivided attention upon you. What child does not want the undivided attention of their Mom/Dad when they are trying to communicate with them? When I am trying to communicate with someone or when I am trying to get someone's attention, I do not want them looking off in another direction, I want them to look directly at me and pay attention. I want them to be attentive to my needs.

Likewise, when YHVH makes His face shine upon you, He is looking straight at you and He is giving you His undivided attention. This is what I desire from Him!

“YHVH lift up His countenance on you, and give you His peace.” - this implies the smile of God. This means that when He turns His face toward you that it is with His favor, not displeasure. He smiles in pleasure over you, what a wonderful thought! Then He sheds on you, covering you with His peace

(shalom in Hebrew). The Hebrew word shalom means so much more than our English word peace. Shalom means “complete wholeness; nothing lacking or wanting”. How I desire to be covered with His shalom!


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Adelia Esperanza
Adelia Esperanza
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