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The Ninth Hebrew Month/Kislev - Month of The Womb

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The name of the ninth Hebrew month is Kislev (counting from Nissan). As with all of the names of the Hebrew months, it is Babylonian.

Kislev is a month of darkness, a winter month. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The winter solstice generally occurs around the last week of Kislev, which is the longest night of the year. After this the days will start to lengthen.

The month is best known for Hanukkah which begins in the last week of Kislev and continues into the month of Tevet. Hanukkah is referred to as the "Feast of Dedication" or "The Festival of Lights". It is no wonder that the kindling of lights is desired during this dark month. In John 10:22-23 it is recorded that Yeshua was present in Jerusalem for Hanukkah.

Kislev is known as a month of dreams because the weekly Torah portions for the month contain more dreams than any other time of the year. NINE dreams appear in Torah portions Vayetzei, Vayeshev, and Miketz. These dreams, of course, are all related to Joseph. Joseph was called a "dreamer" by his siblings. Joseph would not only have dreams of his own but he would also interpret the dreams of others. Joseph would come to represent a type of Messiah - Messiah son of Joseph, or the suffering Messiah who would bring salvation and redemption for his people.

Kislev is considered a month of hope, refreshment, and miracles. There are several reasons for this. First, it was in this month that the Maccabees were able to defeat the Seleucid empire. The Temple was able to be re-dedicated to HaShem. Second, if we revisit the story of Noah's ark we find that they came off of the ark on Cheshvan 27th and so it is likely that the rainbow appeared close to or in the month of Kislev. The Rabbi's teach that the rainbow appeared at the beginning of Kislev. Some commentators believe that the word Kislev comes from a root word meaning "hope".

Kislev is the 9th month and the number 9 is also significant. There are 9 fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). In Acts 3:1 we read that the 9th hour was the hour of prayer. The number 9 is also associated with pregnancy and birth because a child is carried 9 months in the womb. This 9 months of pregnancy links fruitfulness, harvest, and life. Until a child is born they are concealed in their mother's womb.

If Yeshua was born at Sukkot (our months of September/October) as many believe, then His conception would have taken place around Hanukkah.

Interestingly, scientists have confirmed that at conception a "spark of light" flashes when the sperm meets the egg. Now, I know Yeshua was conceived supernaturally but I still believe that when He was conceived in Miriam's womb that a spark of light also flashed.

Is it possible that in the darkest month - the 9th month - that a supernatural SPARK of life entered the world, concealed in a womb, until the time of birth? This concealed light was Messiah the Son of Joseph who would bring salvation to the world. (At His second coming He will come as Messiah the Son of David - the reigning King).

This is indeed something to think about. A MIRACLE had occurred! HOPE had arrived! The LIGHT was CONCEALED and it appeared DARK, but there were SPARKS beneath the surface.





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Julia Waldron
Julia Waldron
Dec 07, 2023

Good morning sister Leisa!

The writings you do are so filled with knowledge of the Scriptures Old and New and I appreciate your wisdom and sharing with we who read and study just the OT and NT.. But you read all the Jewish books, manuals etc. That is truly a blessing from God's leading you to share His wisdom, and knowledge written long ago by sages, priests, etc. You are very blessed, my sister!

We are so blessed as the creation of Adonai in that He has given man wisdom to know His reasonings and prophecies for everything that has transpired throughout the times from the beginning of time and surely even until the end of time here (as …

Julia Waldron
Julia Waldron
Dec 07, 2023
Replying to

You are truly welcome! I thank you as well for your sharing kindness and wisdom! I pray extra 'many blessings' upon you! ❤️

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